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Client Site Management

Daily commitments. Dedicated resources.

Onsite services integrated with your organization.

You're maximizing your business agility with contingent staffing. How can you raise your workforce strategy to the next level? With Spiro's client site management.

Manpower on site:

  • 100+ client management programs
  • 10,000 associates managed on site

Spiro's client site management is an enhanced staffing program customized to your business. We place a manager at your location to manage every aspect of your temporary workforce, from staffing requirements and recruiting to training, payroll and performance evaluation. Our program delivers enhanced service levels and greater efficiency through centralized management, constant communication and ongoing monitoring. By more fully integrating a partnered process within your work environment, we can deliver greater productivity and reduced turnover.

Spiro's client site management features:

  • Order Management: Obtaining, fulfilling and managing orders for contingent staffing.
  • Assignment Management: Managing time capture, payroll, invoicing and assignment changes.
  • Onboarding and Training: Training associates and your staff on program processes such as order request and time capture.
  • Associate Management: Managing associate relations.
  • Program Management: Ensuring quality service and ongoing program evaluation and reporting.

With Spiro’s client site management, our clients have achieved real business gains, such as:

  • Centralized coordination of temporary staff within one location or across multiple client sites.
  • Faster adjustments to staffing in response to consumer and production demands.
  • Efficient access to diverse skills sets.
  • Streamlined orientation and training for temporary workers.
  • More robust evaluation and reporting related to contingent staffing.

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