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Contract Staffing

Discover the benefits of a flexible workforce.

In the current competitive market many companies are recruiting people on a short-term basis in large numbers to handle their crunch requirements. Contract Staffing is a valuable strategy for companies that are experiencing increased growth and in need of immediate resources to keep their projects on schedule. We provide our clients with skilled manpower on contract for short and long durations, depending on their requirements. This kind of staffing solution gives the employer the flexibility of making a good assessment of the candidates before taking them into their permanent payrolls.

We have a talented pool of contract resources that will help you successfully deliver your projects on time and under budget. This is a co-employment relationship that we would like to establish with our clients, where in we undertake the mobilization of personnel in specified numbers and their placement at client-identified locations. Upon completion of the contract period, the deputed personnel are demobilized from the client sites.

Contract staffing business provides workforce when required across geographical locations. Under this arrangement the manpower supplied shall be on the payroll of Spiro, thus taking away the worry of complying with the statutory, legal requirements and ensuring a no liability situation for the client.

On being retained Spiro would take on responsibility for all of the following :

  • Resourcing candidates with a profile matching the job description provided by the client
  • Short listing and conducting interviews
  • Facilitating the candidates reporting to work at the client's work premises, after taking him/her on Spiro HR Management Consultants rolls
  • Handling all statutory requirements pertaining to the candidates during their tenure with the client
  • Periodically ensuring interaction with the deputies, to ensure smooth delivery of job responsibilities

Client Benefits:

  • Reduced Training and Overtime
  • Better Employee Focus
  • Reduces Client's time and cost of selection
  • Faster recruitment and discharge of people
  • Reduces expensive contractual procedures
  • Helps your organization in timely compliance of all statutory obligations
  • Helps to improve employee retention.
  • Provides flexibility in workforce across various functions.

If you would like to get more details about Spiro HR Management Consultants Contract Staffing solutions for your business, please get in touch with us today at