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Control Costs

Cost effective. Productive. You can be both.

Cost effective. Productive. You can be both.

A strong, skilled workforce is the best investment a company can make. Spiro can help you control the costs of maintaining your most important resource with our proven expertise consider:

The mountain of resumes you get with each job posting:

Spiro streamlines the recruiting process by presenting you with top performers for your temporary or permanent positions, resulting in time and cost savings.

Keys to Success:

  • Efficient administration in recruiting
  • Test success on the job before a permanent hire
  • More closely match the size and cost of your workforce to your workload

The costs of hiring the wrong person for the job:

The average cost to replace an employee is 1.5 times that person's salary, not to mention the productivity lost. Spiro's temporary-to-permanent hiring solution lets you test an associate's skills and fit before you make a permanent hire, while your work is being done. Realize time savings, reduced turnover costs and recruiting efficiency.

The fixed costs of permanent staff:

Spiro's temporary staffing solutions let you adjust your workforce size and spend to fit your workload and complement your core group of permanent employees. Spiro's on demand team cushions your permanent workforce and boosts morale. Realize cost savings on personnel while getting the job done.

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