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Control Turnover

We create matches that last.

We create matches that last:

Turnover is a costly, frustrating problem for every company. That's why our mission is creating matches that work for our clients and our associates. Our associates go through Spiro's intake and skill verification process so we understand their qualifications and their interests. Because many of our testing tools incorporate work simulation, candidates know what to expect on the job, and we know if they have what it takes to thrive in a particular assignment.

Keys to Success:

  • Skill verification to predict on-the-job success
  • Pre-assignment observation at your worksite
  • Orientation and on-boarding programs

We also visit your worksite to learn firsthand about your environment and culture. Then, we prepare every associate for every assignment through orientation and on-boarding programs. They'll become familiar with your expectations, your policies, procedures and your measures of success before they start work.

During the assignment, we stay in close contact with you and our associate so if there is a problem, we can quickly take care of it to everyone's satisfaction.

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