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Engineering Sector Overview:

The Engineering sector is the largest in the overall industrial sectors in India. Engineering industry primarily deals with the Design, Manufacture and Operation of Structures, Machines or Devices. Engineering industry primarily comprise of sectors like Civil, Industrial, Mechanical and Chemical.

The Engineering Design and Products Development segments generated revenues of USD 9 billion in FY2011, growing by 13.6 per cent, driven by increasing use of Electronics, Fuel Efficiency Norms, Convergence of Local Markets and Localised Products. Increasing confidence in relationships between customers and service providers successfully executing a variety of activities across low-medium-high complexity projects has led to increasingly larger sizes of projects being sourced from India.

The Engineering industry has an enormous potential of creating new jobs within the industry. The job categories are primarily based on Designing, Manufacturing, Installing, Repairing, Packaging or Selling Engineering Products. The other employment areas include Construction, Building, Mining, etc.

Manpower Challenges:

The Engineering sector has identified HR issues such as staff costs and retention of staff as some of the biggest ongoing challenges for the industry.

Spiro's Perception:

Our resource pool has competent people who know how to effectively use the versatile capabilities of various equipment and machines to increase the efficiencies and productivity of the organization. Apart from the permanent staff, we also have temporary workforce that is needed for a particular project or assignment. While they are as competent as their counterparts in other parts of the world, this curtails your unnecessary expenditure.

In the past year alone, SPIRO Professional has:

  • Delivered nearly 4000Hours hours of engineering talent
  • Supplemented manufacturers' workforces with individuals and whole project teams
  • Recruited and placed high level engineers on short deadlines
  • Streamlined engineering recruiting and hiring with onsite managers
  • Placed 1,000 engineers across the India.

Qualified engineers can be hard to find. Let us put our network and our proven experience to work for you.