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Hire a Diverse Workforce

Increasing inclusion. Adding value to your workforce.

At Spiro, the nature of our business has given us a privileged opportunity to promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Our clients' requirements are across the board: Skill sets, Language Capabilities, Work Experience, Accreditations and Geographic Location. Our business strategy is to recruit within the entire community to find the most qualified candidates for the job. As companies realize the advantages of a diverse workforce, we are well positioned to support their strategies. When EEO requirements are top of mind, we can provide expertise in this area, too.

Keys to Success:

  • Innovative workforce development programs
  • Recruiting across entire community
  • Ties into local networks

To meet our clients' frequent requests for bilingual associates, we start by searching our extensive database of qualified associates. We also turn to our local networks and proven recruiting strategies. Our referral bonus program is especially effective in reaching a large volume of bilingual candidates on short notice.

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